El Invernadero de Rodrigo de la Calle

Alta cocina verde

What is El Invernadero?

The vegetable nature is the fundamental pillar of our cuisine, we respect the product, we accept its temporality and evanescence, we let ourselves be carried away by the cycles of life marked by the clock of the seasons, so we get from them their maximum expression. Green haute cuisine, recovery of plant species and respect for the environment are the basis of our proposal.

EL INVERNADERO is an omnivorous restaurant, where animal protein participates as a garnish. We offer gluten-free, diabetic and allergen-free options in general. If you have vegetarian or vegan ideology we also have a special menu without animal protein.


Abierto de martes a sábado
Cerrado domingos y lunes
Almuerzos: 14 horas
Cenas turno tarde: 19 horas
Cenas turno noche: 21:30 horas

C/ de Ponzano, 85, Chamberí, 28003 Madrid

Rodrigo de la Calle's Restaurant

Booking conditions

The reservation schedules are unique.

At 2:00 PM for lunch.

At 7:00 PM for evening dinner.

At 9:30 PM for night dinner.

To make a reservation, you must select either the lunch or dinner time slot as indicated.

Reservations are exclusively managed through the booking engine available on this website:

Phone hours are from Tuesday to Saturday, from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM noon.

The chosen menu is for the entire table; all diners at the same table must select the same menu. Different menus cannot be chosen at the same table.

You must choose between the chef’s table or a table in the dining room.

The chef’s table is shared with a limit of 10 diners, with separation between reservations.

Punctuality determines seating order at the table based on the arrival of guests.

Punctuality will be rewarded with additional surprises in the chef’s menu.

Lateness will result in missing gastronomic moments of the experience.

During the booking process, the system will request a bank card number, which will not be charged, unless your booking is cancelled less than 24 hours before the event, in which case you will be charged the price of the chosen menu. Or in case of non-attendance.

For Friday night or Saturday reservations, the cancellation period is 48 hours in advance.

If you have any dietary restrictions, allergies, or specific dislikes, you must communicate them when making the reservation.

If these restrictions are not communicated at the time of booking, we cannot guarantee accommodation and it will not be possible to change the menu.

Babies and children are welcome; just inform us to ensure the best possible seating and provide the option of a children’s menu tailored to their tastes.


Tasting menu where the base is seasonal vegetables and mushrooms changing at the whim of nature and weather. Using animal protein as a dressing in some of the dishes with the option to make it vegetarian or vegan.

Vegetalia Experience​

An all-inclusive Vegetalia tasting menu, with drink pairings, water, bread, cheeses, infusions…
The option to make a complete package and enjoy the total green experience.


Tasting menu with vegetables, meats, fish and seafood: special menu for omnivores.
Classically structured, there are vegetable and mushroom dishes, with organic and free-range meats, fish and seafood. Suitable for all types of food lovers.

Gastrobotánica Experience

All-inclusive tasting menu with wine pairing, water, bread, cheeses, infusions… The option to make complete package and enjoy the total experience. Classically structured, there are vegetable and mushroom dishes, with organic and free-range meats, fish and seafood. Suitable for all types of food lovers.

Chef´s Table

Next to the shared kitchen, omakase service by our chef, where dinner is like a culinary show cooking, cooking and cooking all the dishes live. In front of the diner.

This table can be from 1 person and up to 10 people maximum.

Standard table

Table in the dining room, with private table and conventional service. With personalized service, enjoying the privacy of an experiential dinner from the chef’s menu, and an exclusive room service.

This table can be from 1 person up to 6 people maximum.

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Restaurant El Invernadero
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Gift El Invernadero

Surprise your guests with the Green Experience that includes a temporary vegetable tasting with beverage pairings, water, bread, coffee and infusions, as well as table service.