€ 230 VAT included

Caviar Menu (in) the style of Riofrío.
Seasonal vegetable dishes intensified with organic caviar and sturgeon.

Includes water, bread and table service.
Drinks, cheese service, coffees and infusions not included.

Riofrío Caviar

Live a unique gastronomic experience at the hands of the first organic caviar in the world, Riofrío. A proposal inspired by the natural enclave of Riofrío and the ecological breeding of sturgeons, made up of dishes with a total of 30g of Riofrío caviar, sturgeon and vegetables that change seasonally.

Nature and haute cuisine merge to delight your senses.

Available only until October 15.

Caviar Riofrío
Caviar Riofrío

Rodrigo de la Calle‘s new creation consists of 18 sweet and savory bites with organic Riofrío Essence and Original caviar, both organic certified.

Caviar ecológico